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Field of Influence

To change one’s field of influence is to change the course of one’s life.

"I have come to a point. If I move one more step in any direction, I have to acknowledge that I passed serious long ago. I pursue an ever-eluding precursor of death, and I'm never satisfied when I find it. The time I spend in pleasure does not outweigh the chase, and the reasons why I continue in this parody of life baffle me." - U.S. Marine Thurman Casey Shaw

 With an honorable discharge and wounds more than surface deep, United States Marine Thurman Casey Shaw leaves one war zone to battle for a half-life existence in another. With a former brother as his only friend in New York, Casey loses himself inside of a world that he can’t escape.

Addiction and desperate times lead him to an unusual proposal; “Once you ingest the contents of this box, you must loosen its hold on your life forever.” Accepting the challenge out of pure hopelessness, Casey has no clue that when he wakes up, his life will change whether he wants it to or not.

“This novel is a step by step walk through of one of the most dangerous places one can be. While filled with strong emotional content, the array of feelings are broad and explained in a way only one who has been there knows and can. As a former prisoner, I was spared by the same grace offered to Casey. Redemption, sacrifice, faith, and love are all core elements found in this work. It begins serious and ends even more intense.

This Marine’s story is written for all who seek answers and my goal is that once read, those answers forge next steps."    



FIELD OF INFLUENCE by author Jenny Reese Clark has to be one of the most powerful books I have ever read. The book is listed as a fiction novel. If I hadn't already known that when I started reading it, I would have bet my life savings that it was actually a true story, nonfiction book. That is the biggest compliment I can give an author. Her writing style is so convincing, and her character development is so perfectly done. I am truly amazed.

Although the story itself is based on an agonizing feeling of hopelessness, it will shift to what is possible in this life when a person devotes his or her life to forgiveness, hope, courage, and an amazing will to live a life dedicated to their faith in God. This book will probably make you cringe, get misty eyed, or even cry, but it will also make you inspired and very thankful that you took the time to read it. I give it the highest possible rating allowed and then some. -Edward R. Blazek


As a chaplain who is serving in our nation’s military, I endorse wholeheartedly the book Field of Influence as a timely work that speaks with great relevance to the fundamental truth that a life that has experienced authentic transformation will also be drawn to live a life of great influence. -  Caleb R. Schumacher, US ARMY Chaplain


- It is my pleasure and rare experience to find a write with this much power and inspiration. This spiritual defibrillator lit a fire under me to increase my own efforts in growing.  I recommend that people read this message and do as is done in its pages; share! - Tony Boyer, Sound Production Specialist 


- All I can say is…wow! The idea behind servicemen providing hope and aid for their brothers during times of need is inspiring. Casey’s journey takes him from hopelessness, vengefulness, and despair to understanding, forgiveness, and salvation. This novel will be beneficial to those not only struggling with addiction, but overcoming other tough challenges. - Jennifer Carter, RN


I don't normally read fiction, but this one was a page turner. In "Field of Influence", Jenny Reese Clark has an amazing way of getting us inside the head of an addict without us having do go down that spiraling path of destruction on our own. It answers a lot of questions that i have often pondered about regarding PTSD and drug addiction. It should, Jenny has been there - done that.

As we get familiar with the lead character we then find the one thing that can turn his life around. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but let's just say - Field of Influence ROCKS!
I would suggest this to anyone that has a family member struggling with PTSD or drug addiction. Add points to that suggestion if you are affiliated with the military.  - Amazon Customer


- “Field of Influence” is a journey not just of the fictional character Casey, but it is a journey for the reader also. I had to remind myself on more than one occasion that Casey wasn’t real. I was able to see inside the mind of an addict struggling with an internal pain that seems foreign yet familiar to me at the same time. I realized while reading that what Jenny captures in this work of fiction is the day to day human struggle that we all deal with in some form or fashion. The character Casey’s journey is our journey to an understanding that there are times when we can’t handle the situation all by our self, because the consequence is that we begin to believe we are truly alone. The truth is we aren’t alone, and it truly does take a step of faith to change one’s field of influence. I highly encourage this book to be read and I look forward to reading many more works from this author. - James Hawk


- Jenny Reese Clark draws on her own experiences to write beautifully and with compassion the fictional account of a returned Marine who struggles with drug addition, traveling the path to redemption through faith and accepting God's intervention. The story is gripping and tightly written. I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. The story was especially enlightening as a look into the addict's agitated/obsessive behavior living for the next score to satisfy the physical, mental and spiritual cravings ... spiritual cravings that can only be fulfilled by faith in Christ Jesus. I look forward to hopefully reading more from Jenny and I give thanks for being caught within her "Field of Influence." - Joan Surles


- This is a must read for anyone and everyone! I couldn't put it down! It made me cry and if a book can do that to me it's a good book. I was driven to pray for our troops in a way I have never done before. - Logan Blackmon, US Air Force


- For every believer or those seeking a deeper relationship with God this is the book. It will expand your faith and stir at your heart to dig deeper into God's precious word. - Carmen Dinunzio


- I just finished "Field of Influence" a few minutes ago. I'm still processing what I read. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, every veteran needs to read this book. I believe that all my brothers and sisters will see a little bit of themselves in this story. It's truly a miracle story of human folly and the darkness that a life without hope will take you through until you reach for the ONE who is true hope. - Dave Hughes, American Legion Officer


This book has inspired me to reach out to others who are struggling in a way that I never considered before.   Carolyn Dale Newell, Author and Blogger


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