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To change one's field of influence is to change the course of one's life.


The Spencer Project is an opportunity for all United States Military, VA, chaplains, counselors, clinics, recovery centers, physicians, pastors, their staff members and clients, to receive a free eBook of Field of Influence to help aid them in ministering to those struggling with emotional, spiritual, mental health, or substance abuse related issues due to post traumatic pain and stress.

As we all know, drug addiction and Post Traumatic Stress can destroy not only the lives of those personally suffering, but harm the family members who remain faithful to love these individuals. The goal in creating this project is to ultimately offer confidence and direction to those who can no longer find hope or resolve in their current situation.

Field of Influence is a relatively short, Christian fiction novel written in first person. While inside the mind of the main character, readers immediately begin the story with feelings of bitterness, anger, pain, and resentment as, Thurman Casey Shaw Jr., is forced into a medically necessary, but unwanted retirement from his beloved US Marine Corps. It doesn’t take long before he discovers that his wounds are more than just surface deep.

For the spiritual problem, there is a spiritual solution.

Note: The subject matter revealed in Field of Influence is intense and written straight from the core of these conditions. This graphic look inside the depths of the main character’s soul is meant to not only guide those in the midst of trials, but educate those who are affected by them. With genuine effort, one can simply read and follow the lead of the main character into developing their own first steps towards true and meaningful healing.

As the author of Field of Influence, my personal desire is to encourage the weary fighter, enlighten the confused bystander, and help birth new beginnings founded on faith. My hope is that all who read this story understand the sovereign nature of our Almighty God and that nothing is beyond His ability to restore. 


Spencer Speaks


My name is John W. Spencer.  I had the honor of retiring as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army.  In the course of my 19 years in our nation’s military, I have traveled the United States, Europe, and served 26 months in Iraq conducting combat operations.  My career has spanned from the most basic duties of the lowest ranking Soldier, to Section Leader of Military Police Investigations in several venues. I share this information with you, not because I lack humility or require recognition, but to provide a glance at the diversity of my past locations and duties. Such diversity has provided the opportunity to encounter thousands of people.  

Jenny Reese Clark was first introduced to me while I was at work. I am in many ways, a hardened, uniform, disciplined Soldier, who enjoys privacy, anonymity and as a result of physical and emotional combat injuries, have very little interest in others’ opinions about life and religion. Surprisingly, Jenny’s openness about her immoral and unlawful past, her humble demeanor, and heartfelt interest in my happiness, completely disarmed me. As I spoke with her, I used every interview and interrogation skill I’d learned to find fault in her presentation. Instead, I saw something unique in her; something bigger than me.

President Abraham Lincoln said, “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.” As I read her book, Field of Influence, I was awakened to her journey throughout her own life. Of the countless men and women I have met in my life, I’ve yet to meet a person that has persevered to evolve with such tenacity. She has proven in her own life that even the most unsavory members of society can recreate their lives.   

Through two combat tours, I have witnessed some of the most despicable acts of man. I have trained, mentored, guided, and fought side by side with the bravest men and women in the world. In Europe and at home, I’ve been surrounded by warriors that have returned from battle. What all these people share, is a dark cancerous void that cannot be filled with outdated Army doctrine or a Purple Heart. It is a hole in the souls of our young warriors that if not addressed effectively, can destroy each life. I allowed this void to fester and grow in my own life leaving a wake of heartache, sorrow, resentment, and uncertainty. Since my first interaction with Jenny, my outlook has changed considerably.  I have hope that I never felt before. There are many in this world that attempt to address our needs. Unfortunately, they are largely unsuccessful. This repetitive cycle has only added to the increase in the suicides of our brave Service Members. 

Jenny Reese Clark’s life and writings revolve solely around God. I cannot speak for everyone, but I am more than qualified to speak on the absolute need for Jenny’s words, thoughts, and selfless acts at every military installation throughout the world. As a society, we owe our Service Members and their families the opportunity to regain their lives. 



As a chaplain who is serving in our nation’s military, I endorse wholeheartedly the book Field of Influence as a timely work that speaks with great relevance to the fundamental truth that a life that has experienced authentic transformation will also be drawn to live a life of great influence. - US ARMY Chaplain Caleb R. Schumacher



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