Jenny Reese Clark

Christian Writer & Speaker

It May Sound Silly

As soon as one gets up, another takes her place. Tug after tug, I pluck away at the eyebrows of the women who sit down in front of me, that before now, I never knew existed until it was their turn.

The first time I stood for over eight hours, I asked the Lord.

“Why would you have me do this?”

I couldn’t understand how something so trivial could make any difference. My back ached from standing hunched over for so long and I missed my own studies to do this. My groans increased against the Lord the more tired I became. I just knew that in two weeks, my line would return, and I would become their best, good friend again. I continued to argue with the Lord, and the way I found to serve others in a limited prison environment.

“It just hardly makes sense God. Does this really make any difference?”

I read about the Lord washing his disciples feet in my private studies and knew that my grooming another wasn’t so farfetched of an idea in being Christ like, but I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the point of it in the long run. I could only see that I was fast gaining a reputation for free labor and that my client list was over a quarter of the camps total population.

After a month, I was officially tired and ready to retire. The good that seemed to come from this looked like such vanity the more I thought about it and my hopes to shine a light dwindled as my poor attitude increased. Right, as I was about to make my official announcement, I felt the Lord tug on my heart to speak.

Talk to them Jenny and listen for the opportunity I gave you.

This was the day I really began to hear the Lord’s will for my life. The “So, tell me about yourself?” question, that is totally not permitted in such a setting, became the very opening line as soon as they sat down. With my face only inches from theirs, it was hard for them to tell a lie. The Lord opened my eyes and heart. He blessed me with an insight into worlds of struggles and hardships, that had I not been willing to step outside of my comfort zone, would have never known. I listened, refilled, and refueled. As I began to share, the darkness left the space between me and my stranger. The Lord was in our midst.

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

Mark 1:17